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Jim Jones Urges Dads, Demand A Father’s Day “Me-Some”: “We Gotta Put Our Foot Down”

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Jim Jones is back with an annual PSA ahead of Father’s Day and this year, he’s encouraging fathers to ask for a “me-some.” 

Father’s Day is just days away and Capo believes dads should speak up and ask for what they want from their loved ones, specifically suggesting they request a “me-some” from their partners.  

On Thursday (June 13), Jones took to Instagram with some advice for fathers.  

“Seems like y’all be forgetting us and we put in a lot of work to make sure everybody’s okay,“ he began.Jones said there’s a “slight chance that they might ask you what you want,” and that, according to Jim Jones, is a Father’s Day “me some.”   

“Look her directly in the eyes,” he recommended. “Say, ‘This is something I been wanting to do with you for so long, but I don’t wanna cause no problem in our relationship and I don’t want you to think I’m disrespectful. I would like to have a me-some with you.” 

Jones explained a “me-some” as a day devoted to fulfilling a father’s every desire, from spending sprees to breakfast in bed and any and everything in between. “We gotta put our foot down,” he wrote in the caption.  

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Meanwhile, back in 2022, Jim Jones said he was taking “a stand” for Father’s Day and demanding special treatment.  

“This Father’s Day situation been bad ever since I was little. They’ve been s####### on Father’s Day talking about ‘F### this.’ Enough is enough, man. I’m a great father, and I need to be compensated for this s###,” he complained. “Treat me. I want to go to the spa you heard? All that fly s### y’all be talking about, let me get mine.” 

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