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Chloe Bailey Claps Back At Critics Claiming She’s Too “Goofy & Nerdy” To Be Sexy 

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Chloe Bailey is calling out critics who refuse to believe she is capable of being both goofy and sexy simultaneously. 

Although the R&B singer is confident in her body and owns her sexuality, her detractors say it’s not genuine. Bailey recently addressed the naysayers during an Instagram Live chat, explaining that, like many women, she’s a balanced individual with multiple sides to her. 

She specifically responded to the claim that “Her sexy act ain’t believable because she’s goofy and nerdy.” Bailey questioned. “Why can’t I be both?” 

She continued, “It’s not an act, honey. But not everybody will have access to that. Women can be both. Women can be multi-faceted.” 

Joking about the contrast between her public and private personas, Bailey sang, “Lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets.” 

Ultimately, Bailey says her music, which she described as her “diary,” epitomizes who she is.  “That’s where you’ll see a part of me y’all don’t have access to,” she explained. “It might be surprising.”

Meanwhile, Chloe Bailey recently revealed she overcame her fears to star in The Exorcism, alongside Russell Crowe in the remake of William Friedkin’s iconic 1973 horror The Exorcist

“I stay away from anything frightening – and yet look where I’ve ended up!” she told inews last week. While the self-confessed “scaredy cat” has a fear of the dark and has “never watched a horror film in my life,” she enthusiastically accepted the script.  

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