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Yungeen Ace Still Beefing With Foolio On Instagram—Despite Rapper’s Recent Murder

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Whoever is running Foolio’s Instagram account is beefing with the late rapper’s longtime nemesis, Yungeen Ace. On Friday (June 28), Ace dropped a new song and video for “Game Over” on his YouTube channel in which he (once again) seems to be dissing Foolio, who died in an ambush killing on June 23.

Yungeen Ace plugged the video and song on Instagram and someone using Foolio’s account instantly labeled it “trash,” although the comment has since been deleted. Yungeen Ace replied, “You still f###### with me dude? I love you 4EVA.”

The bizarre exchanges have left many of their fans confused. Some actually believe Foolio is still alive, while others are assuming his family is running promo from his Instagram page to help pay for his funeral costs.

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Julio Foolio, whose real name was Charles Jones, was tragically killed at a Holiday Inn in Tampa while celebrating his 26th birthday. He and his crew had already been kicked out of an Airbnb for exceeding the occupancy limit. The shooting occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning, around 5 a.m. local time, in the hotel’s parking lot.

The incident left Foolio dead and three others injured, who are expected to recover. The police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the ambush and are working to identify the assailants​. Hours after Foolio’s murder, Yungeen Ace dropped a track and video called “Do It,” which seemed to mirror the events that unfolded at the Holiday Inn.

“Every car I’ve been these b###### tinted,” he raps. “Choppers and killers in it/Catch his ass and do his ass you know he finished/He with his baby do it/He with this b#### do it/With his mama do it.”

The accompanying visuals feature several masked individuals killing a man in what appears to be a hotel parking lot. Yungeen Ace, Foolio and their respective gangs, Ace’s Top Killers (ATK) and Kill Them All (KTA), have been feuding for almost a decade. At least seven Jacksonville rappers have been killed, and both Yungeen Ace and Foolio were shot at various times during the war.

In June 2018, Yungeen Ace and three others, including his brother Trevon Bullard, were celebrating a birthday when someone opened fire on their car. Bullard and two others were killed—including Ace’s brother—while Yungeen Ace managed to survive after being shot eight times. Then in 2021, Foolio was grazed by a bullet and targeted in another shooting last year. He was hit in the foot and, in fact, was still in a walking boot in recent Instagram photos.

Foolio was known for his raw and vivid lyrics often reflecting the violence in Jacksonville. He first gained prominence with his debut album, 6toven, in 2018 and his most recent single, “Resurrection.”

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