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Pop Smoke’s Purported Killer Shows No Remorse For Murder

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One of the culprits in Pop Smoke’s 2020 murder discussed the fatal shooting in an interview published on July 4. Blockstar, who was a juvenile at the time of the murder, said he was not sorry for his role in Pop Smoke’s death.

“I’m not sorry about nothing,” Blockstar declared. “It should’ve never happened, but I ain’t sorry. If I could go back, I’ll go back. But I ain’t sorry. N##### die every day. [Pop Smoke] was rapping about it. All type of s###. So, I ain’t sorry about it. I send my condolences to the family. I wish it never happened. But … I don’t regret nothing.”

He added, “Growing up, I just—my people, my family told me, ‘You ain’t sorry for s###.’ Whatever you did, you did it for a reason and stand on it.’”

Blockstar was one of four people charged in Pop Smoke’s murder. Three of the defendants were minors when the fatal incident occurred. They settled their cases and were sentenced as juveniles. Corey Walker, the only defendant charged as an adult, awaits trial.

Pop Smoke was shot and killed during a robbery at a Hollywood Hills mansion. Blockstar refused to reveal if he or another defendant was the shooter. He insisted the murder wasn’t a setup.

“It was a robbery,” Blockstar said. “Nobody sent us. Nobody did none of that. That’s all false information.”

Blockstar claimed he and his co-defendants had no intentions of killing Pop Smoke. Blockstar admitted he didn’t think anybody would be home when they targeted the mansion.

“Nobody [was] intended to get hurt,” he said. “Nobody … We was just kids being kids—being kids from the hood. And [there was] too much movement … Movement from everybody. Too much s### going on. Just too much s### going on. It wasn’t intentional.”

Blockstar only served a few years in jail. He believed his sentence was too light but didn’t suggest a more appropriate punishment.

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