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Denzel Curry Believes Lyricism Matters Again Thanks To Kendrick Lamar, Drake & J. Cole Beef

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Denzel Curry is convinced lyricism will see a resurgence in Hip-Hop thanks to Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s ongoing rap beef.

Amid the aftermath of K. Dot’s incendiary “euphoria” diss track, Curry has opted to make his opinion clear before the dust cloud settles. In part, he’s revealed to some degree that he thinks the tooth and nail battle Drake and Kendrick are engaged will end up being beneficial for the entire rap game, rather than just for the sole benefit of top dawg bragging rights.

“It took two of the biggest artist in the world to diss each other for people to appreciate lyricism,” Curry wrote in his initial retort.

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In a follow-up remark, Denzel Curry laid out both sides of the the beef, based on a summery of the vantage points Drake and Kendrick Lamar appear to be sizing up and eyeing each other from.

“One rapper claims the other rapper needs features from pop stars to be on his level,” he wrote in part before adding, “While one rapper claims the other rapper needs street artist to justify that he’s Black.

Curry didn’t stop there and went on to reveal that he’s truly indulging himself in the messiness of the battle.

“I ain’t gon lie I’m enjoying the f### outta this battle,” he wrote in a tweet.

Curry also suggested “Cole definitely knew what was gonna happen,” alluding to the idea that it’s part of the reason he removed his “7-Minute Drill” diss from streaming—even though the record debuted at No. 1 on the Hot 100 Chart.

What do y’all think? Is lyrical rap back on the rise or is Curry being overly optimistic?

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