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Drake’s Been Waiting 10 Years to Diss Kendrick Lamar

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Drake's Been Waiting 10 Years to Diss Kendrick Lamar

Drake has been waiting 10 years to diss Kendrick Lamar, according to DJ Akademiks.

Drake Has Been Waiting to Battle Kendrick Lamar for a While

On Tuesday (April 24), Ak premiered his recent sit-down with Adam 22 and Trap Lore Ross on the Off the Record podcast. During the talk, which can be seen below, Ak reveals Drizzy has been waiting to go toe-to-toe with K-Dot for a while now.

“From what he’s told me, he’s been waiting for this for 10 years,” Ak says at the 53:45 mark of the interview below. “He’s watched the pattern. He specifically told me, ‘Yo, I’ve watched this guy do the same bait and switch every time. He drops a verse that people are hyped up about, that people are like, ‘Oh, he’s coming at you.’ I’m always ready to defend myself. I’m always ready to engage… and then he goes ghost and nothing happens.'”

Ak adds, “You can tell he wants the showdown to happen now and not for everybody to go back to their corners and reconvene another time. He wants it now.”

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Drake and Kendrick Lamar Beef Explained

Drake and Kendrick Lamar started out on friendly terms as the rappers were both featured on each other’s sophomore albums. K-Dot first showed that he saw Drake (and the rest of the rap game) more as competition when he dropped the viral “Control” verse in 2013. The same year, Kendrick went at Drake during his BET Awards Cypher freestyle. In the years following, both artists have dropped sumbliminals about each other.

However, things reached a fever pitch after Drake and J. Cole linked up on the 2023 track “First Person Shooter.” Apparently angered by what he perceived as subliminal shots on the song, K-Dot went berzerk on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That” last month, dissing both Drake and Cole. And it’s been up ever since, with Drake dropping two diss tracks aimed at Kendrick with “Push Ups” and “Taylor Made Freestyle.” Kendrick has yet to respond.

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Check out DJ Akademiks talking about Drake’s long-held desire to battle Kendrick Lamar below.

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