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Ice Cube Speaks On Celebrities Endorsing Donald Trump For Re-Election

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Ice Cube has expressed his thoughts about celebrities endorsing Donald Trump and his presidential re-election bid amid multiple ongoing trials in court.

The West Coast Hip-Hop legend and entrepreneur made the comments during a recent interview with Fox Business. In addition to describing the move as a private decision, Cube also appeared to question the validity of celebrity endorsements all together in his remarks.

“I think it’s a personal decision,” Cube said. “I don’t know if they care if any rappers or entertainers get up there and say anything. It’s really a personal decision.”

Ice Cube went on to target not only major parties and the candidates but also their voters for essentially blindly following political leaders during election cycles.

“People know who Trump is,” he said in part. “People know who Biden is. They’re going to make their decision no matter who gets up there and pushes whatever agenda they want.”

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Along with Ice Cube, Jeff Kwatinetz, president of the Big3 league, also weighed in, saying, “I think that people have realized that neither party really speaks for minorities, maybe for the Black audience, and it comes down to who they think will really help them on the issues that they care about.”

Multiple rappers have recently been linked to Trump as he continues to pursue a second term in office. Along with previous endorsements from artists such as Kodak Black and Wocka Flocka, Lil Pump reaffirmed his support for Trump back In January by getting a tattoo in his honor. Trump also rolled out the red carpet to MAGA rapper Forgiatto Blow during a campaign rally last March.

However, not all artists in the rap arena are drinking the Kool-Aid when it comes to Trump—and Griselda rapper Benny The Butcher is one of them. In February, Benny The Butcher tweeted, “Turned down a meeting with 45 last week.”

Another Twitter (X) user asked Benny why he declined the possible conversation with Donald Trump, to which the Everybody Can’t Go album creator responded, “For 1, I’m not a politician, I’m a rapper. For 2, people [are] dumb as s### and won’t understand. For 3, it’s not that important to me.”

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In addition to election politics, Ice Cube spoke about recent changes to his professional sports league following the Big3 securing a $10 million deal with its first franchise sale.

“It’s a league that we kind of started from scratch in 2017,” he said. “We’ve been, for eight years, growing this league, and, and it’s not been easy. We had to go through COVID.”

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