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Mach-Hommy Talks Spotify Fiasco In Viral Video

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Mach-Hommy criticizes Spotify for abruptly removing his album RICHAXXHAITIAN without warning, casting a shadow over what should have been a triumphant moment.

The artist took to X (formerly Twitter) in a 15-minute video to share his frustration, revealing that the album vanished unexpectedly overnight while he and his team analyzed its performance.

“I get up, get with my team. We get to the back end, we start looking at stuff. We realize oh s###, there’s no album. The album is gone. So the album is going on Spotify, right? Which is kind of Wow. So we reach out to Spotify,” Mach-Hommy explained.

The surreal episode continued when he confronted Spotify about the disappearance. He queried why neither he nor his team were alerted.

“When I asked him like, well, regardless of whether or not you thought it was me (who removed it) why were we not notified? Or at least someone from our team, while we were not notified that it had been taken off the platform? I mean, this is a new release. I just dropped this. And I’m saying this is a very, this is a very important release for us,” he said.

Adding to his digital woes, Mach-Hommy faced issues with his YouTube account around the same period.

He was locked out of making profile changes or posting new content. Both Spotify and YouTube stated they were investigating the disruptions, but details remain murky.

Initial suspicions indicated the removal might have stemmed from sample clearance problems, but the album has since been fully restored on Spotify.

Despite these challenges, RICHAXXHAITIAN rose to the top of the iTunes Hip-Hop charts.

Mach-Hommy credited this success to his fans’ unwavering support and urged them to stream the album on other platforms, such as Apple Music, until the situation with Spotify is resolved.

The album features collaborations with artists like Black Thought, Roc Marciano, KAYTRANADA, 03 Greedo and others.

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