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Jelly Roll Reveals Secret To Fresh Feet

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Jelly Roll unveiled an unusual personal quirk while discussing his victory at the Academy of Country Music Awards, where he won Music Event of the Year for “Save Me,” a duet with Lainey Wilson.

The Hip-Hop artist revealed on the Audacy podcast that he only wears new socks, a practice he attributes to fear of developing “stinky feet.”

“Can I tell you a frivolous habit I have?” Jelly Roll said coyly during his podcast appearance. “Don’t judge me for this, y’all. I promise I grew up very humble, but I only wear socks once.”

Despite his typically modest demeanor, this 39-year-old confessed to indulging in his most indulgent habit. “I buy socks in bulk … It’s the most frivolous thing I’ve done with my success,” he said.

The quirky revelation came shortly after Jelly Roll celebrated a significant career milestone with his ACM award win.

Even in the glow of such triumph, the singer emphasized the little extravagances his success afforded him.

He explained more about the rationale behind this seemingly excessive habit: “I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t let nobody down with that, but when you’re fat, you can’t have stinky feet too, so you gotta have fresh socks!”

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