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Metro Boomin Trolls 21 Savage Over Drake Association And Gets Blocked

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21 Savage kicked Metro Boomin off his Instagram Live session over the weekend after the producer trolled him over his relationship with Drake.  

On Sunday evening (May 26) 21 Savage was vibing on IG Live, listening to music when Metro Boomin joined him for a chat. Unfortunately, Metro was having audio issues, and so couldn’t be heard. 

However, 21 Savage soon noticed that Metro had trolled him in the chat and turfed him off the stream.  

“Oh you was talkin s###?” 21 said after noticing Metro’s “OVO Savage” comment. “B#### get off my live. I ain’t even see all them other comments. I’m finna block that n####.” 

If blocking him wasn’t enough, 21 Savage then apparently reported Metro Boomin to Instagram.  

“He’s bullying me,” he said while seemingly completing an Instagram form. “Submit report.” 

21 Savage then took a leaf out of Drake’s book, borrowing his infamous line, adding, “Metro shut your hoe ass up and make some drums n####.” 

Despite the trolling, 21 Savage insisted he would remain neutral during Metro’s recent beef with Drake.  

“Don’t keep coming on to my muthafuckin Live talking about no muthafuckin beef,” Savage said during an IG Live earlier this month. “Metro my brother and Drake my brother. Them n##### going to figure that s### out eventually.”   

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