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Dame Dash Claims Jay-Z Was Pretending to Be Him on ‘Big Pimpin”

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Dame Dash is making news again, and this time it’s for saying something about his former business partner and friend Jay-Z. Dame recently sat down with Omari Heflin and Terone Johnson of the “Moguls in the Making” podcast and made a big claim about one of the most legendary rap songs of the early 2000s: Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin’.”

After giving his thoughts on the Drake and Kendrick feud, Dame was asked about Future using his name in a bar on a recent song. “Big pimpin’, rockin’ wit her like I’m Dame Dash,” Future raps on “Fried (She’s a Vibe)” off his and Metro’s No. 1 album We Don’t Trust You. “I f—k with Future for that,” says Dame.

The hosts then throw a curveball, saying that they heard the entire song was actually about him. Dame takes a beat and then reveals, “everything Jay said, he was pretending to be me.”

Dash reiterated after co-host Terone Johnson said, “I heard that whole song was actually about Dame Dash.” Co-host Omari Heflin tries to confirm asking, “So you saying he ain’t tellin’ his story, he tellin’ your story?” to which Dame answered with a simple, “Duh.” You can watch the full interview here.

Billboard reached out to Jay-Z’s representatives for comment.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Dame has made this claim. Last month, when he was a guest on the “My Expert Opinion” podcast, Dame was asked about getting name-dropped by Future. The Roc-A-Fella co-founder gave big ups to Future, saying, “Shout out to Future, ’cause he said my name on a current record. And, don’t think I don’t appreciate it. You know what’s cool about it? Future was talking about my past in the present.”

Dame then asked the room why Future would name drop him when he’s not the guy who made the record. “You were one of the stars of the video,” said Mecca, one of the hosts. “‘Cause n—s know it was about me,” Dame replied, as all the hosts started laughing.

It’s been reported that Dame regrets his behavior in the “Big Pimpin’” video — in a video released via TMZ back in 2017, Dash said he was “embarrassed” when he looked back on those days. “I would never want my daughter to have to go through that and if I ever saw my son Boogie doing that, we would have some serious issues,” he said.

Check out a clip from Dash’s appearance on “Moguls in the Making” below:

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