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Hit-Boy Finally Concedes In Fan Debate Comparing Prodigy & His Father Big Hit

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Hit-Boy is finally beginning to come around to the idea that his father Big Hit’s forbidden twin is none other than the late Mobb Deep lyricist, Prodigy.

It all started after a Prodigy fan page on Twitter (X) replied to a tweet in which Hit-Boy was actually promoting his upcoming Black & Whites collaborative album with The Alchemist, which Big Hit is also a part of via the LP’s lead single, “Foreclosure.”

In a reply within the original thread shared, the fan page shared a pair of photos of P’s frequent collaborator side-by-side with Prodigy, in comparison with Big Hit, to which the West Coast producer couldn’t help but see the resemblance.

“Is Big Hit secretly Prodigy,” the fan page wrote in the tweet.

Hit-Boy replied, revealing it wasn’t the first time he’s fielded theories from his fans comparing his father to the East Coast rap legend.

“This picture makes me see what y’all be saying when y’all tell me Big Hit looks like Prodigy,” Hit-Boy wrote.

He also retweeted a remark from another user, who went a step further than just comparing Big Hit and P’s likeness by breaking down how their shared backgrounds also signaled an otherworldly connection between the pair.

“Even deeper than that Hit, Pops/Prodigy… South Central Cartel… Havoc/Prodeje,” the user wrote. “Even though Pops look like the West Coast Havoc too…but you get where I’m going with it.”

Through The Alchemist’s collaborative history with Prodigy in the early 2000s, his connection with Big Hit via Hit-Boy certainly harkens back moments of déjà vu due to how prolific both lyricists are. Even still, Alchemist’s work producing tracks for Mobb Deep’s 2001 album, Infamy, will forever go down in Hip-Hop history. In a sense, Big Hit has a large void to fill in Prodigy’s absence when it comes to recreating the combination of authentic, dark, introspective lyricism and the haunting production that cemented P and Alchemist’s status as a formidable duo.

Check out the tweet above.

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