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SIGNS: Tennessee Mayor Faces Resignation Demands Over Viral Video Berating His Daughter

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A jaw-dropping scandal centered around the conduct of Mayor Christopher “Fo Fo” Franklin during a family dispute has rocked the small town of Helena-West Helena, Arkansas.

Mayor Franklin is facing a firestorm of controversy and an outcry for his resignation following a shocking Facebook Live broadcast. In the now-viral video, Mayor Franklin unleashes a torrent of profanity and derogatory remarks at his adult daughter and niece, leaving residents in disbelief and demanding his immediate resignation.

During the tirade, Franklin can be heard shouting, “Jayla, your h## ass. All you doing is popping tricks,” and continues with even more graphic and offensive language, telling his daughter and niece to “drop to your muthafu##ing knees and eat this d##k.”

He even tells his daughter and niece they both should be dead at one point during the rant. The video, which stretches on for several minutes, captures an intense and vulgar exchange that has been described by the city council as “prurient, grotesque, misogynistic, narcissistic, nauseating and in no wise expressive of all the people of our city.”

The scandal prompted the Helena-West Helena City Council to convene and address the issue in a special meeting. In a strongly worded document, the council “undeniably” requested Mayor Franklin’s immediate resignation and censured him for conduct unbecoming of his office. The council also demanded a complete and contrite apology from Franklin to all those impacted by his actions.

Despite the public outcry and pressure from the city council, Arkansas state police and the Attorney General’s office have stated they have no plans to investigate the matter. Meanwhile, residents like Kimberly Hardison are vocal about their dissatisfaction, questioning Franklin’s ability to lead the city. “What type of mayor gets online and talks like this?” Hardison asked, calling for his resignation.

In response to the backlash, Mayor Franklin issued a statement on Facebook, apologizing for his language but standing by his feelings.

“I am sincerely sorry for the way I expressed myself today,” he wrote. “I am not sorry for how I feel which led me to say those things. You don’t know the story behind this matter; and you won’t. It is personal and private to my family.”

As the scandal continues to unfold, the residents of Helena-West Helena are left grappling with the fallout and questioning the future leadership of their town. And to add insult to injury, Mayor Franklin has been dealing with an ongoing water crisis in the city, which reportedly left residents without clean drinking water for weeks earlier this year.

Watch the insane video above and decide for yourself whether or not should Mayor Franklin stay or go?

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