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Cardi B & Bia Beef Intensifies: New Diss Track, Lawsuit Threats & Recorded Phone Calls 

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Bia bombed on Cardi B in a new diss after the “Jealousy” hitmaker threatened to sue her for spreading rumors that she cheated on husband Offset. 

The ongoing tension between the two rappers intensified in the early hours of Sunday morning (Jun 1). Cardi B hopped on Instagram Live, threatening to leak her conversations with Bia and sharing snippets from a “Fake diss” allegedly from Bia.

Bia clapped back with an Instagram Live of her own, previewing an explosive Cardi B diss. In it, she doubled down on the copying and cheating allegations and even name-checked Cardi and Offset’s children, Wave and Culture.  

“Put it on your gang that they ain’t f### you in,” Bia opens the track. “Put it on your hubby since you lying on your vows.” 

She also implied Cardi doesn’t write her own raps and trashed her lyrical ability. “’SUE ME’ ??? That’s not hip hop,” Bia captioned her post.

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During her IG Live, Cardi B went off on Bia, sharing posts from her alleged finsta (fake Instagram) account.  

“Good luck you think I’m Tasha K,” one post read. “Girl. Ask Tasha K. She couldn’t even lie on my p####,” Cardi said, referring to her infamous victory in her legal battle with the blogger. 

Furthermore, Cardi B said Bia took the beef “beyond rap” and accused her of trying to break up her family. “I’m a sue you and you got to come with receipts. And not social media receipts, court receipts,” she added. “I will get every little f###### red penny that you ever f###### make b####. Every money that you make off your publishing. So find something safe to do.” 

Cardi also played a snippet of a different diss track from Bia’s alleged fake Instagram account, which included the lyrics,“How you mad he cheating on you? B#### tell him the truth, “ and “I’ll tell him the scoop.”  

“So b#### why you ain’t tell him the scoop?” Cardi questioned before claiming Bia is clout-chasing. “You know Offset. Why you ain’t tell him the scoop?” 

The bad blood began last year but recently picked up again after fans accused Cardi B of copying Bia. Bia seemingly agreed, and Cardi clapped back on the “Wanna Be” remix. 

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