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Chrisean Rock & Blueface “Beefing” Over Cheating Accusations 

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Chrisean Rock revealed she hung up on Blueface after he chastised her for staying out all night while he’s in jail. 

The reality TV star and rapper took to Instagram Live over the weekend to recap her jail call with the “House Arrest” rapper. She claimed Blueface was being “evil” and berated her for not coming home after a night out.  

“This n#### so sensitive,” she began, recalling that she returned to her own home where a friend was babysitting her son rather than going back to Blueface’s house.  

“Long story short, I didn’t go home, because I just really couldn’t. I just went to sleep after I threw up. Blue called this morning,” she said.  

Chrisean Rock said that she’s on “lock down,” and doesn’t go out while Blueface is in the slammer. “It’s annoying sometimes, so when I do go out, I do be wanting to just cut loose and just be myself,” she explained. 

“I got drunk, and I did go home, I went to where my son was at,” she added. “I could have went home and just left my son with the babysitter and he would have been fine. But I just wanted to go straight to my son.” 

Chrisean Rock Claims She’s Paying Blueface’s Bills

Despite Blueface’s suspicions, Chrisean insisted she isn’t cheating and said she’s “sacrificed a lot” to be with him.  

“I’m holding you down bro, I’m paying your bills,’ she added. “I’m not benefitting from this s###.” 

Chrisean went on to claim that she’s paying thousands of dollars of bills on his behalf, including his legal fees and $15,000 every two months to pay rent on his restaurant amid renovations. 

“You’re winning from the situation more than I am so why are you making it seem like you’re not?” she questioned. “You’re not my trick, like I’m actually your teammate that’s actually helping you win.” 

Chrisean Rock previously insisted things were back on track with Blueface, and they were repairing their relationship. 

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