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Lil Skies Arrested After Car Accident In Pennsylvania

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Authorities arrested Lil Skies for fleeing the scene of a car accident in Franklin County, Pennsylvania. According to the Chambersburg Police Department, the 25-year-old rapper was apprehended on May 20.

Lil Skies, whose real name is Kimetrius Foose, allegedly failed to provide his information to the other driver involved in the accident. He faced charges for damage to an attended vehicle.

Roughly a month before the arrest, Lil Skies spoke to AllHipHop about fatherhood and returning to the independent scene.

“Me being there in person, that counts more than the money,” Lil Skies said regarding his son. “That’s the biggest thing for me because I can’t get that back. The money wherever, that’s gonna be what it’s gon’ be. I can’t let that determine my happiness and for my son too. So, I try to be on that type of time, hands-on with it. I’ve been like that since I had him, since he was born. It’s natural at this point, it’s part of my life.”

Lil Skies also reflected on his time at Atlantic Records.

“I definitely went through some s###, it’s not easy,” he told AllHipHop. “I was signed to a label so it’s a lot of paperwork, lawyers. Back and forth, all this. But it’s done. Luckily when I got in with the label, I got in and I did good. My s### was selling, I was doing good. I had to pay back all this f###### bread, that’s the blessing of it. But it’s all learned. I’m still learning. A lot of people look at me like I have the answers to this s###. I really don’t, I’m learning like everybody else. I’m young still too, I’m still trying to figure it out.”

Lil Skies dropped Out Ur Body Music in March. It was his first solo project since leaving Atlantic.

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