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Zach Bryan Doesn’t ‘Quit’ During First of Three Los Angeles Shows: 5 Best Moments

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For Zach Bryan’s The Quittin’ Time Tour, the fast-rising superstar has managed to make arenas feel like intimate backyard jam sessions – which is exactly what he delivered during his first of three nights at Los Angeles’ 

With a stage situated in the center of the floor, allowing for every seat in the house to be sold with no obstructed view, the set up was simple: string lights hung on either side of the rectangular platform, dangling over the general admission pits, while four screens were suspended high above the stage, flipping between music video clips, personal video footage and close-ups of what was happening down below. 

The casual setting allowed for a rare type of fluidity for a concert of its size, with Bryan gliding from each of the four mics on stage – one positioned on each side, assuring nobody in the arena was left out – with a comfortable ease. The set up also forced him to ensure each and every note he sang was special, so that no matter what side he was singing to, nobody felt cheated out of enjoying their favorite song (but that doesn’t mean he didn’t also have a few lyrical slip-ups, adding to the casualness of it all). 

And for good measure, Bryan’s seven-piece backing band also moved about the stage, each contributing to the jam band-esque nature of the show.  “Me and all these guys behind me grew up in a really small town in Oklahoma,” Bryan told the crowd, noting the musicians on stage were some of his best friends. 

Not much for words, Bryan used his to endlessly thank the crowd and share his shock and appreciation for selling out arenas like this one around the country. He doubled down on the humility after introducing each song, which he would follow by saying, “I hope you don’t hate it.” Judging by the ear-numbing singalongs that reverberated throughout the venue, surely no one did. “I don’t want to say this because I might get canceled online,” said Bryan, eyes widened, “but this is the loudest crowd we’ve had.”

Below are the best moments from night one of Byran’s Los Angeles stop.

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