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Sexyy Red & Mike Jones Respond To White TikToker’s Viral “N-Word” Cooking Video Backlash

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Both Sexyy Red and Mike Jones have voiced their opinions on the viral clip of a white TikTok user casually dropping the N-bomb on camera in a cooking video she recently shared to the platform.

In case you missed it, the controversy erupted when TikTok user @llddiiss, whose name is presumed to be Lilly, posted a cooking video in which she lackadaisically used the N-word to describe the male partners her married friends.

More specifically, Lilly said that all of her friends are currently “married to broke ass n###as” without even batting an eyelash. Adding insult to ignorance, the young caucasian woman proceeded to troll on social media as the saga fanned out across platforms such as Twitter (X) and Instagram.

“The n###a that was heard around the world,” Lilly wrote in a string of tweets she authored shortly after the controversy unfolded.

This incident quickly gained traction on social media, with widespread backlash over her use of the racial slur. Lilly was also then quickly identified as a former employee of Rophe of the Carolinas, a healthcare services company.

The company responded promptly by firing the employee and issuing a public statement condemning the use of racist language and reiterating its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Lilly responded by seemingly embracing the controversy and using the publicity as a tool to announce her new career path.

“Thanks Black community for helping to launch my new career in conservative media! You all played your role well like the puppets you are,” she wrote in another tweet.

Lilly went on to criticize Black people at large for channeling their collective outrage into a campaign to make her unemployed, describing people who were upset by her rhetoric as “obsessed” among other things. Before long, she began receiving attention from artists such as Big Sexyy and Mike Jones, who both were in agreement that Lilly was indeed in the wrong here.

“She bet not let me catch ha,” Sexyy wrote in the comment section of a post re-sharing Lilly’s tweets.

Former Swisha House artist and Texas rap artist Mike Jones opted for a different approach, blasting her in both the comments section of the post, and taking matters in his own hands by creating a post of his own chastizing her.”

Former Swisha House artist and Texas rap artist Mike Jones opted for a different approach, blasting her in both the comments section of the post, and taking matters in his own hands by creating a post of his own chastising her.

In hit initial comment, Jones utilized reverse psychology and flipped Lilly’s own logic on it’s head to use against her.

“I’m not even racist , but since she was cool and got a pass to do what she did , Thanks white community for helping to launch her racial upbringing thinking she used the “ Black community to launch her new career in conservative media,” Jones wrote in part.

He continued, “Naw u all played your roles well just like we expected , just like the puppets yall are , ( co-signing & gaslighting the b#######! don’t come now telling us u got fired as u should a knew what came with it‼️ s/o to her job which I’m sure was not cool with this racial s### that u was heard saying all over the world.”

In the post he shared, Jones went on to explain that he wasn’t singular in his outrage while also sounding off on Lilly for appearing to play the victim role.

“All I can say is …. fair exchange ain’t no robbery is what I was told! I got a lot of white friends and even they was shocked by it,” he said in part.

He continued, effectively labeling Lilly as a “clout chaser” among other things.

“& not happy by her statements as they said she purposely used the N-Word , knowing that it came from her would by default make it go viral , #TheyDoAnyThing4Clout s/o to her Job who fired her soon as they got the word! Don’t use our community and disrespect at the same time thinking u finna blow up in media , u blew up alright , not the type of hype I think she was expecting – We gotta do better,” he said.

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