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Webbie’s DJ Reportedly Killed Himself & His Wife After Complaining About Working For Rapper

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Reports of Webbie’s DJ committing a murder-suicide involving his wife hours after venting about working with the Baton Rouge-bred rapper have been confirmed.

Though the death of Webbie’s DJ, whose stage name was T Gutta, was confirmed on Thursday (June 13), FOX 5 Atlanta revealed authorities responded to a call about shots being fired identified at a residential home in Powder Springs believed to be his residence on June 9.

According to reports, two bodies were discovered at the scene but weren’t immediately identified to the public. Input from neighbors uncovered that the couple found deceased at the residence had several children, who reportedly lived with them.

In a statement shared by Powder Springs Police Department Captain J.W. Holcombe, T Gutta (real name Notorius Brown) and Kalisha Seddens-Dunn were identified as the deceased victims in the murder-suicide tragedy.

“I can confirm that Notorius Brown died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds after killing Kalisha Seddens-Dunn,” Holcombe confirmed in the statement. “I am being told that he went by that name [T Gutta] when performing.”

Prior to the deadly shooting, T Gutta shared a lengthy rant disparaging Webbie, whom he worked with for more than 10 years, on his personal Facebook account. In his initial remarks, T Gutta complained about the workload and claimed Webbie’s negative outlook contributed to his isolation.

“Dawg DJin for Webbie is a living hell!” he wrote. “1st That n-gga don’t want to pay. Then that n-gga don’t want to see nobody around him shine! Like nobody not even his own brother.. Why y’all think everybody left from around him? I was only supposed to be his tour DJ but i had to be a driver, a dr, a security, a PR, a babysitter, booking Agent, a referee, a counselor, a road manger, and a list of other things.”

T Gutta continued, remarking on how he often was the only individual to show up for Webbie in times of need because his own family had turned his back on him.

“But yet this n-gga didn’t appreciate none of it,” he said. “I did all that s### with a smile on my face in front of thousands every night, but i was dying inside. All the times he had seizures on the planes, on stages in the hotels, who y’all think was there? Me! Becuz his family ain’t wanna deal with him, or nobody on our team wanted to deal with him but me! Our driver quit cuz he ain’t wanna pay him. Then every time we would try to make our money in other ways he always found a way to stop that too.”

In another portion of the rant, T Gutta alleged Webbie took issue with members of the Supa Unit collective they were a part of when they began helping Boosie Badazz, along with making several other claims about the Savage Life rapper.

“So it’s like he don’t wanna pay but don’t want us eating nowhere else,” he continued. “Then the n-gga wanna get mad & in his feelings when Boosie need us to help him. The n-gga a straight hater! I can’t remember how many times he’s told me he don’t want nobody blowing up off his name! That’s why he don’t do features! & he don’t like taking pictures with other artist or fans. N-gga think they tryna get shine off him.”

T Gutta added the Supa Unit was “the biggest piece of bulls##t” and called Webbie “straight up miserable.” Webbie has yet to make a statement on T Gutta’s death.

Check out the post below to read the full grievance message T Gutta shared before the fatal shooting incident occurred.

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