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Saweetie Accused Of Starting Stampede After Fight Breaks Out At Chicago Festival 

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Saweetie was forced to halt her performance after a fight broke out during her set at the Vegandale Festival in Chicago’s Pride In the Park 

The “NANi” hitmaker was headlining the event at Grant Park, Butler Field on Sunday (June 23) when she suddenly stopped rapping after spotting something in the crowd.  

“I know y’all not doing what I think y’all doing,” Saweetie said, addressing the crowd.. “Is everybody safe?” 

However, before she could finish her words, people began running away from an apparent disturbance in the crowd. Footage shows large numbers of confused concertgoers dispersing as chaos ensued.  

Saweetie took to X (Twitter) after the event, hoping that fans were okay. “Hope everyone got home safe tonight,” she wrote. “That crowd looked crazy.” 

Social media users also shared their reaction, with some reporting a stampede and blaming Saweetie for causing it.  

“This all Saweetie fault,” one person wrote. “Why would you say on the stage in Chicago ‘I know yall not doing what I think yall doing.’ Mfs assumed shooting and it was a stampede.” 

Another person said, “@Saweetidon’t ever come back to Chicago babe. You caused us wayyyy to much harm than needed.” 

Others still wondered if a shooting sparked off the chaos. 

“Out of no where we see people stampeding and screaming… that was f###### TERRIFYING. wtf is going on?!!” a Saweetie fan wrote. 

There were multiple reports of a shooting at the event, but many attendees dismissed reports of gunfire.  

One festival-goer shared, “There wasn’t any shooting at vegandale… there was a fight and people panicked because the fear that someone would pull gun out.” 

Check out some other reactions below.  

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