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Sauce Walka Fends Off Alleged Knife-Wielding Maniac With Just A Broomstick  

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Sauce Walka got into an altercation with a man he claims was indiscriminately attacking people on the streets of Los Angeles, fending him off with only a broomstick despite his adversary allegedly being armed with a knife.  

Late on Monday night (June 24), the Houston-bred rapper took to Instagram with a video of him accosting the man.  Sauce Walka approaches the the man, broomstick in hand.   

“You seen this s###? He got scared of this ninja work,” he said to the camera. “He pulled out a knife, I pulled out this muthafucka right here,” he said, holding up the broom.” 

The pair continue shouting at each other, going back and forth in the middle of the road. “You scared of the Black ninja,” Sauce Walka continued waving the broomstick while yelling more profanities.  

“He had a knife and I had a broomstick and he ran like a b####,” he added.  

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Sauce Walka followed up in the caption, describing what happened before the camera began rolling. According to the “I’m Him” hitmaker, the man fled after he confronted him with his unconventional weapon.  

“So this Krazy man running around LA screaming& throwing objects at random people turned to us and I smacked him with a broomstick,” he wrote. “Bro pulls out a baby knife and TAKES OFF RUNNING … I can’t make this up.” 

It appears the man picked the wrong one, as Sauce Walka has been brushing up on his fighting skills in the boxing gym, albeit without a broomstick. He’s been training with professional boxer and TikTok star Nurideen Shahid Shabazz, aka Deen the Great, posting a video of their workout on Instagram. 

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He’s also been showing off his martial arts skills, perhaps the origin of his “Black ninja” declaration. 

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