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Maino Calls Cap On Hitmaka’s Claims About Slapping Incident

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Hitmaka (formerly known as Yung Berg) claimed he never got slapped by Maino, which didn’t sit well with the man who allegedly smacked the rapper-turned-producer years ago. Maino reacted to Hitmaka saying the slapping story was false on Angela Yee’s radio show Way Up.

“Berg, why you even speaking about this issue?” Maino said. “We’re talking over 10 years [ago]. It’s not relevant. Why you taking time to make up these stories?”

Yee played audio of a recent Hitmaka interview in which he denied getting slapped by Maino at a club in 2008. Maino questioned why Hitmaka discussed the incident years later and rejected the producer’s version of events.

“All that’s cap,” Maino said. “And that’s my issue. Why you even talking about this? Anytime I’m doing an interview [and] they mention that, I downplay it … I just seen him last year. I ain’t on nothing. We way past that. Why you even speaking about that? And not to mention, not only are you speaking about it, but if you’re gonna talk about it, at least say the truth!”

He added, “We all was in a different place back then. And I did a lot of stuff back then. I had a lot of skirmishes and issues with a lot of people, but we got past that … You brought that up and you’re not even telling the truth. You’re making it seem like—you’re talking about I’m opening up for you. It’s all cap.”

Maino said Hitmaka “was not in the right stand of mind” regarding their 2008 altercation. The slap “straightened [Hitmaka] out a little bit,” according to Maino.

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