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Ice-T On 2024 Election: Trump World’s Biggest “Conman,” Biden Could “Die At Any Minute” 

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President Joe Biden and Donald Trump have been courting the support of rappers in the race to the 2024 presidential election, but Ice-T is unimpressed with the current state of politics. 

The veteran rapper and actor recently shared his thoughts on the Democrat and Republican candidates for the upcoming election, and he doesn’t like his choices.  

“I think all of this s### is a big exposé on how foul politics is across the board,” he said during an interview with The Independent

Ice-T referenced Trump’s recent conviction after being found guilty on 34 felony counts in the Stormy Daniels “hush money” trial. According to Ice-T, Donald Trump Donald Trump has “more criminal charges than anyone I grew up with.”  

He also said Trump is not bound by the same restrictions as the average citizen. “Like if you had all my guys together, they don’t have the same amount of charges as this dude and he’s running for president… and he doesn’t have an ankle bracelet on,” Ice said. Ultimately he branded Trump “the biggest con artist that the world has probably ever seen”. 

While he’s not a Donald Trump fan, Ice-T has concerns about Joe Biden’s age. “I mean, you got Biden, he could sneeze and die at any minute, you know?” he added. “It’s f##### up that the people don’t really have candidates that are honorable and who we can believe in. The world is in turmoil right now.” 

However, Ice-T had some kind words for another pair of rivals, reflecting on the epic battle between K. Dot and Drake.  

“The best part to me, like Snoop [Dogg] said, is it made people start listening to lyrics again,” he explained. “For a while [with Hip-Hop], people weren’t even listening to the f###### words.” 

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