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Sauce Walka Blacks Out Over ‘Hard Knock Life’ Beat in New Freestyle: Watch

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Houston’s very own Sauce Walka appeared on Los Angeles radio’s Power 106 with Justin Credible and did what he does best: rap his a— off.

All he did was give us game and display some elite wordplay with lines like, “We been shootin’ choppers, changin’ lives before Obamacare” and “I’ll slap a n—a left ear, his eyes separate /How you buyin’ sections, yo’ kids still livin’ Section 8” and “H—e, n—a, pull off Rolls Royce bumpin’ GloRilla.”

There are honestly too many quotables to point out, but pay attention during the second half of the freestyle where he channels the ghost of Hulk Hogan and finishes every line with “brother” like Kendrick on “Family Ties.” There’s just something special about how he sounds over an East Coast beat, especially something as classic as Jay-Z‘s “Hard Knock Life.”

We all remember the now classic freestyle over that Daringer beat with the white Benz truck bouncing in the background, right? We still haven’t gotten that mythical tape he was supposed to do with Griselda’s in-house producer.

According to The Alchemist, the album is done and “is so good.”

That was two years ago.

The Houston rapper was recently in the news for turning down an Adam22 interview because the No Jumper host tried to lure him with a pint of lean and a bag of weed. Sauce Walka decided to talk with Adam’s associate Sharp instead and crashed an interview Adam was conducting with Wack 100 to send him a message.

“I just want to let the entire world know Sauce Walka stood on the business and showed I ain’t a dope fiend, I’m a Black king and if you want to get me on your platform, it has to be earned,” Sauce said with conviction.

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