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Kai Cenat Blows Up His House With Fireworks Explosion But Viewers Debunk Stunt 

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Kai Cenat and MrBeast‘s joint stream ended with a bang after his 4th of July massive fireworks haul apparently exploded in spectacular fashion. 

On Wednesday (July 3), the heavyweight streamers hooked up for a collaboration where they planned to give away $250,000 to viewers. MrBeast arrived to find Cenat surrounded by piles of fireworks, noting that he had enough to “blow up your house.”  

However, Cenat insisted he only had them for defense from his fellow MPG group streamers. He told MrBeast he was especially cautious of his friend Davis following a fireworks “war” last year. The hi-jinks event included Cenat targeting his friends with an RPG-style weapon and Davis throwing a firework into Kani Cenat’s room. 

While streaming with MrBeast, Cenat warned the other AMP members, “Tomorrow if you try me, I’m crashing out.”  

Then, Davis joined the stream and told MrBeast that he’s been homeless since last July 4 because Cenat destroyed all his stuff during their fireworks war. 

“How about I return the favor,” he said, implying he would light the room up with the giant box he arrived with. He and Cenat then tussled over the box before Davis lit the firework.  

The duo rushed out of the room before the fireworks began exploding one by one. The stream continued for a while as the room filled with smoke before the camera cut out. 

However, after clips of the explosion circulated online, social media users soon discovered the explosion was a stunt. Kai Cenat and MrBeast streamed from a set modeled after the streamer’s room. Eagle-eyed fans pointed to the subtle differences in the room, debunking the stunt.  

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