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Kendrick Lamar Fans Think “Not Like Us” Video Is Final Nail In Drake’s Coffin

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Kendrick Lamar delivered his highly anticipated video for his scathing Drake diss track “Not Like Us” on Independence Day (July 4). The cinematic video was directed by pgLang co-founder/producer Dave Free and Lamar, and many of their fans believes Free deserves an Oscar—or at least some kind of recognition—for his work on the visual.

Twitter (X) blew up with reactions to the video as Dave Free, Kendrick Lamar, #TheyNotLikeUs and KDot quickly became trending topics. One person noted, “Dave Free deserves an Oscar I’m not kidding this is f###### phenomenal,” while another said, “Kendrick’s Not Like Us video really is diabolical in the best way +OVO owl (Drake brand) smashing/caging and Push Ups references +Whitney and family dancing +Early image release trolling Drake fans to claim she was unhappy +Dave Free co-directing +YG at shoot +Compton united.”

And that easily summarize the “Not Like Us” visual. Beginning with a black-and-white shot of Kendrick Lamar rapping in a hallway, he knocks at a door, where he’s greeted by a DJ dressed as clown. When asked for the password, Lamar replies, “I see dead people,” the first lyrics from the song. From there, the infectious Mustard beat begins as Kendrick begins his incendiary verses.

Appearances include Kendrick’s fiancée Whitney and their children, Hit-Boy, Mustard and half of Compton. The video has amassed more than 15 million YouTube views since in less than 24 hours. The closing shot, however, appeared to be the most impactful, with Kendrick staring at an owl in a cage. As most of the rap community is well aware, Drake’s OVO Sound logo is an owl. Many of Kendrick’s fans—and even those who aren’t—think the visual is the final nail in Drake’s coffin.

Check out some of the reactions below.

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