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50 Cent Teases “BIG Collaboration” With Tyler Perry: “History In the Making” 

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50 Cent is continuing his transition to Hollywood executive with an upcoming collaboration with Tyler Perry. 

The rapper-turned-entertainment mogul is gearing up for the official launch of his G-Unit Studios in Shreveport, Louisiana next month. 50 Cent recently took a trip to Tyler Perry Studios and revealed the director was helping him. 

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On Tuesday (July 9) Perry gave Fiddy his flowers and said he was open to working with him.  

“I’m so proud of him, he’s amazing,” Perry told TMZ. “And he’s blowing it up out of the water.” When asked if he would collaborate with 50 Cent in the future, Perry replied, “If he wants to.” 

While Perry kept his cards close to his chest, 50 Cent teased an upcoming collab he believes will make history.  

“BIG collaboration coming soon,” he wrote on Instagram alongside a clip of Perry praising him. ‘Sprinkle a little Tyler, sprinkle a little 50 and BOOMyou can’t beat it ! HISTORY IN THE MAKING.” 

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“I love it. Yall gon be the Twin Towers of Black Cinema,” one person shared in the comment section, while another joked, “Tyler Perry presents “Madea: In Da Club.” 

50 Cent recently rejected reports he was at odds with Tyler Perry. “You’re getting it fvcked up, if you think me and Tyler will be at odds at any point. He’s helping me, already going out of his way to aid my progress. So in the nicest way cut the s### !” he wrote last month after visiting Perry’s studios.  

50 Cent Says Tyler Perry Is “10 Years Ahead Of Everybody”

He also revealed how Perry is helping him retain “premium, super high quality” at a lower production cost.  

“His model is it. I’m not gonna lower the quality of the material that I’m producing, but I got to get into his deal structure,” he shared during a recent Instagram Live. “Now I’m moving into actually being able to provide production services. But If it’s not at my studio, I want it at Tyler’s.” 

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