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Hot Boys Reunion Fizzles: Turk & B.G. Trade Shots After Essence Fest Misfire

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Fans assumed the Hot Boys would reunite at the 2024 Essence Fest to celebrate 30 years of Cash Money Records. Attendees and livestream viewers were disappointed when the four members didn’t join forces at the event in New Orleans.

Turk was noticeably absent from the festival as fans only saw B.G. and Juvenile perform together. Lil Wayne did a solo set instead of joining his fellow Hot Boys members on stage.

The unrealized reunion resulted in B.G. calling out Turk after the show. Turk questioned B.G.’s animosity in a response video on Tuesday (July 9).

“B.G. – to me – has been very disrespectful, bro,” Turk said. “And if I really did anything to you, brother, I can’t see you holding back and saying [what] it is. If I really did you something, I don’t know what it is. I can’t figure it out. I can’t put no light on a lie. And a lot of people run with the narrative.”

He continued, “Homie made a statement about I know what I did last summer. And I wasn’t even gonna address this situation, and I’ma try to keep it short. But I know what I did last summer. And when we had a party together, I heard homie say something about a Hot Boys reunion can be made or did without [B.G.] … But I never felt a Hot Boys reunion could be done without homie.”

B.G. never revealed what Turk supposedly did last summer to ruin the Hot Boys reunion.

“It’s only one n#### ain’t in this b####,” B.G. said in a post-show rant on Instagram Live. “He brought that on himself. N#### did a bunch of hoe s###.”

Turk didn’t understand what he did to upset B.G. Turk thought they already cleared up their issues and noted how he rejected calls for a Hot Boys reunion while B.G. was still in prison.

“You can’t have a reunion without B.G. and I think I probably made a lot of people made about that when I was [saying] it,” Turk explained. “I was doing it out the kindness of my heart … Never once, bro, [did] I try to use B.G.’s name for anything.”

He added, “If I did homie , I will respect it. ‘Cause to be real, when homie followed me [on social media] probably ‘bout a couple of weeks ago and I hit him in the DM … I’m thinking everything cool. And then here it go again.”

Turk called Essence Fest a “proud moment” for his fellow Hot Boys members. He denied any bitterness over the event but felt compelled to speak out due to online discussion about his absence.

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