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Exclusive Interview with Mac Nif

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Behind The Scenes Interview With Mac Nif

What is your stage name and how did you come up with it?
My stage name is Mac Nif. I came up with it using a combination of my last name and a little bit of creativity. The original name started as Macknificent Sunrey. With influences stemming from living in Chicago’s neighborhood, Humboldt Park, the name Sunrey was produced. Rey is Spanish for king, and the sun represents an inner glow and outward shine that my inner light brings to the physical world. Over time, the name was shortened to Mac Nif to make it easier to remember.


Where are you from?
I am from Chicago, Illinois. Throughout my transition from a kid to an adult, I lived on the south, west, north, and northwest sides of the city. Although I’ve traveled to many places and even lived in a couple of other cities, Chicago has always been my home.


Have you heard the theory that some musicians write their best music while they’re depressed or going through a bad time?
Yes, I have heard this before. When we endure challenging times, we can produce a story and transmit the energy that we have into our music. When we do so, people are able to connect with us on a deeper level. Sometimes people are able to connect with our experiences based on what they are going through, something that they went through in the past, or through witnessing someone else go through that experience. This art of painting a picture based on our emotions makes the music stand out, and it resides with people more.


What’s the best advice you ever received?
Some of the best advice that I ever received was to study the universal laws of nature. These laws are said to “Govern Life on Earth.” Throughout my learning about many different religions, I found that Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Buddhists all share common messages. Upon research, one of the common lessons that was taught universally was about having faith and belief. When I looked at the universal laws, the law of belief was also there. From what I gathered and understood, the universal laws combine the big picture and messages from all religions.


What were your grades like at school?
I recently (12-17-2023) completed an Applied Associates degree program in Information Technology and Networking with a concentration in programming at DeVry University. My GPA is a 4.0, and I maintained all A’s throughout the course of the program.


Do you have a mantra?
Yes, I have a mantra that I created when I was in a dark place in life. In order to keep myself calm under extreme conditions, I repeated to myself, “Make me smarter, make me stronger, and help me level up. This is very effective and reassuring. Using this mantra helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


What’s your latest release?
My latest release is titled “Groovy Baby.” This is a featured track from my project or EP, Timeless. Groovy Baby is some of my best work yet to come, and it’s a fun song to perform. Groovy Baby brings to the table an unorthodox style with a combination of hip-hop and funk instrumentals that bring it to life.


If you could go open a show for any artist, who would it be?
If I could open up for any artist, it would be Money Man. I value Money Man as an artist because his music is infused with knowledge and information that can be applied to help people grow financially, mentally, and spiritually.


What’s your best advice for handling criticism?
When it comes to criticism, my best advice is to only extract beneficial information that can be applied so you can grow from it. When putting emotions aside, we can listen effectively to feedback and use criticism as an opportunity to learn. Listening skillfully while rejecting negativity is a skill in and of itself.


What is your favorite song to perform?
My favorite song to perform is Groovy Baby. The instrumental is energy-infused. The lyrics are fun but have a positive message while detailing an interesting perspective on life and experiences. Groovy Baby is catchy but has a lot of substance.

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