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Chinese Singer Tia Ray Announces 2024 Concert Tour

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On May 16, Chinese singer Tia Ray announced her 2024 concert tour, featuring an innovative blend of creative projections and large-scale set installations, promising an immersive experience for the audience.

The first concert will take place on July 6 at the Universiade Center in Shenzhen. Additional dates and locations for the tour will be released gradually.


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Also on May 16, Tia was nominated for best Mandarin female singer at the 35th Golden Melody Awards for her latest solo album ALLURE, released last year. This is Tia’s second time being nominated for this award. The album also earned her nominations in five categories at the 2nd Wave Music Awards, including best female singer and best pop album, as well as a nomination for best female singer at the 17th Fresh Music Awards in Singapore.

In March, Tia Ray was honored with the Global Force Award at the 2024 Billboard Women in Music event, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in the music industry. She is also set to release a full English album this year, collaborating with international musicians.

The talented Chinese singer/songwriter, renowned for her captivating vocals and heartfelt lyrics, has released six albums since her debut in 2012, including T.I.A., Once upon a Moon and ALLURE, in addition to contributing to numerous film and TV soundtracks.

In 2017, Ray’s “Be Apart,” the theme song for the popular movie The Ex-file: The Return of the Exes, sold 10.9 million copies and ranked seventh in the IFPI global top 10 singles chart, and has more than 1.8 billion views online to date. In 2018, she won the most popular female singer award at the 26th Chinese Top 10 Music Awards for her album TIARA and was entitled honorary Berklee ambassador to China. In 2019, she released her third album 1212 and won the most popular female singer award again at the 27th Chinese Top 10 Music Awards.

In 2021, Tia participated in the performance of the theme song “Together for a Shared Future” for the Beijing Winter Olympics with other singers. In the same year, she released her fourth album Once Upon a Moon. For the album, she was nominated for the best Mandarin female singer award and won best vocal album recording at the 33rd Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan.

In 2022, Tia Ray won best female singer at the 15th Singapore Fresh Music Awards and Weibo annual outstanding singer.

Tia Ray participated in the KBS Asia Song Festival in South Korea in 2023 as the only singer from the Chinese mainland, stunning the audience overseas with her distinctive vocal. Tia Ray also won several awards that year, including year’s quality singer at the Tencent Music Entertainment Awards, thirty-year quality singer at the Chinese Top 10 Music Awards, and Weibo annual outstanding singer organized by

Tia Ray’s upcoming concert tour is set to redefine the concert experience, setting new standards in terms of visual and auditory delight. Her passion for music shines through her performances, creating an enchanting atmosphere that mesmerizes all who attend her concerts. With this new concert tour, Tia Ray continues to push boundaries and showcase her artistry on a grand scale, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the pleasure of experiencing her live performances.

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