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Outlawz’s EDI Mean Suffers “Massive” Heart Attack Leaving Gym

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Outlawz legend EDI Mean has been hospitalized after suffering a heart attack. The 2Pac affiliate shared a photo of himself laying in his hospital bed on Tuesday (June 4) with wires and tubes hooked up to his chest—albeit he had a smile on his face. He explained in the caption the fitness journey he started in 2020 is the only reason he’s still alive.

“My old way of life caught up with me yesterday and even though I’ve come a long way I still got some more work to do,” he wrote. “I had a massive heart attack yesterday leaving the gym. Ironically the doctors said it would have been a wrap for me but the lifestyle changes I made in 2020 are the reason I’m still here.

“This is not a sympathy post btw. I always laughed at people who go to the gram w personal s###. No this is a gratitude post. One super thankful to still be here, second @missreyes777 thank you for saving my life along with the great staff at this hospital. Close call y’all!”

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The COVID-19 pandemic provided an opportunity for people to focus more on their mental and physical health, especially artists who are used to being on the road with often little time to exercise. EDI Mean showed off his impressive weight loss in an Instagram post as part of “Transformation Thursday” in February 2021.

The photo provided a side-by-side look at EDI before and after his fitness journey began. He wrote in the caption, “#transformationthursday Today I reached a major milestone and I gotta share w y’all…. Maybe 10 years ago I played what I thought was my last game of 21 (basketball). I went up for a rebound and my back said nah. I was laid up for two weeks and just figured that part of my life was done.

“Fast forward to [20] 21 and I just played two games with guys mostly 10 plus’s years younger than me…. We went 1-1 btw. I say all that to say, it can be done. P.S. the picture on the my left is me at 300.”

EDI Mean has continued sharing his progress with his fans. In April, he posted another pair of before and after photos with the caption, “imma just keep working on my myself and minding the business that pays me! SAY MAN DIS WORLD IS LOCO STAY FOCUSED AND OUT THESE HATERS WAY.”

AllHipHop reached out to EDI Mean, who confirmed he was doing “better.” He added, “We have to get out of survival mode and embrace thriving and living our best life. True success is healthy living! So grateful to still be here.”

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EDI Mean was in the car behind 2Pac on September 7, 1996, when he was shot at a Las Vegas intersection. He died six days later at the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, although EDI has always maintained his spirit lives on.

“I feel like his spirit is omnipresent,” he said in a 2019 interview. “It’s always there. Even now, with social media being as big as it is, we always see his pictures, his quotes, old videos, old songs. Young and new artists acknowledge him and pay respect to him. Even the younger generation, through YouTube and things like that, are getting hip to his music.

“I literally have 14, 15, 16-year-olds that DM me, message me and email, saying things like, ‘I wasn’t even alive when you guys were running around doing your thing, but I love this music and you guys are great.’ So that’s dope. Music is forever.”

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