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Kai Cenat Slams “Weird” Fans Over Backlash For Attending North West’s Birthday Party 

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Kai Cenat slammed fans criticizing his appearance at North West’s birthday party over the weekend.  

The daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian turned 11 on June 15 and celebrated with a party at the American Dream mall in New Jersey. In addition to the rollercoasters, swimming pools and ski slopes at the bash, partygoers were treated to a special guest appearance from the Twitch streamer.  

However, some objected to the 22-year-old’s presence at the party, suggesting it was inappropriate. Cenat caught wind of the backlash and rejected the criticism in a livestream on Sunday (June 16). Addressing “everybody who made yesterday weird,” Cenat hit back at the critics.  

“Here’s the thing, first things first bro…I am North’s favorite streamer bro, okay? So, yesterday, all she wanted to do was meet me, bro. That was it. Literally,” he began. “So, anybody who’s making it weird like, that’s the weirdest thing ever.” 

He continued, claiming he has lots of young fans, and would meet them all if he could. “You feel what I am saying? We had a great time yesterday,” he added. “She’s great, bro. She has a good group of friends around her, like, everything was great.” 

Kai Cenat also met Kim Kardashian at North’s birthday and said the event was “epic.” 

While Kai Cenat had a great time with North West, he recently got into a spat with her famous father over a pair of Yeezy sweatpants. Ye was furious and branded Cenat an “industry plant” after Cenat unboxed the pants live on his stream and joked over the size he received. Nonetheless, they eventually made amends following a tense exchange after West sent him a pair that fit.  

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