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Foolio Murder: Video Evidence Emerges Amid Paid Hit Allegations

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Despite new video evidence that has surfaced in the investigation of Florida rapper Julio Foolio’s murder, there has been no significant development in the search for the murderer.

However, the footage offers crucial insights into the events leading up to the tragic shooting death of the 24-year-old artist, born Charles Jones, who was gunned down in Jacksonville last month. According to TMZ, The new video, reportedly from a security camera near the scene, captures the moments just before the fatal shots were fired.

Among the clues present in the video is a dark-colored SUV which can be seen following Julio Foolio’s car closely before speeding up and cutting him off. The same vehicle is then seen pulling up alongside Foolio’s car and firing multiple gunshots. All of the evidence present in the new security camera footage had previously been confirmed by local law enforcement.

Additionally, eyewitnesses claim they saw several individuals fleeing from the SUV shortly after the shooting, which police believe was a targeted attack on the rapper.

Detectives believe the video could provide vital clues, including the make and model of the suspect’s vehicle and possibly even identifying some of the perpetrators. According to a report from WJXT, Julio Foolio was shot at least twice in the last few years before he was shot and killed in the Tampa hotel parking lot, which corroborates crime analyst’s theory this fatal incident was a part of a larger beef and not an isolated incident.

“After doing this for so long, I would tend to think this is more of a Jacksonville-based regional kind of beef between two groups, maybe took advantage of a foolish posting saying where he was,” crime analyst Tom Hackney told New Channel 8 West Florida.

Following Julio Foolio’s untimely death, his social media accounts have become a focal point for both mourning fans and investigators. Foolio, known for his raw and often controversial lyrics, had a substantial following, and his last posts have garnered significant attention.

His final Instagram story, posted just hours before the shooting, showed him in high spirits, hinting at an upcoming project. In the wake of his passing, his accounts have been flooded with tributes, with many fans expressing their grief and disbelief.

On Wednesday (July 3,) the account posted a video with a message stating, “You can NEVER KILL A DEMI GOD,” and “the WORLD will be shocked VERY SOON.” The police are also closely examining his digital footprint for any potential clues, as his social media activity might hold key insights into his recent interactions and possible threats.

The emergence of the new security footage also follows a possible lead developing from an unidentified source, who claims responsibility for the murder of Julio Foolio’s murder after his rival Yungeen Ace put out a $10,000 hit.

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