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Lil Baby’s Celebrity Status Goes Unnoticed By Cop In Old Bodycam Footage

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A Georgia cop had no clue who Lil Baby was when the officer stopped the Quality Control Music artist for illegally tinted windows in 2020.

Old bodycam footage of the rapper’s humorous interaction with the cop surfaced on Friday (June 14).

“Man, I’m a celebrity,” Lil Bay told the officer after learning he was pulled over for tinted windows. “Man, nobody can’t see me. Give me my ticket, let me ride.”

The cop responded, “I don’t know what celebrity you are.”

Lil Baby was unfazed. He urged the cop to give him a ticket, fearing someone would spot him on the street.

“It don’t matter,” he said. “Give me my ticket. Let me ride home. I can’t have nobody seeing me right here. I’ma let my window up … Give me a ticket.”

Later, Lil Baby joked about getting a ticket while the economy was suffering.

“Appreciate ya,” he told the cop. “Have a good day.”

But the cop was still wondering about Lil Baby’s celebrity status.

“Now, who are you?” the officer said.

The Billboard chart-topping artist replied, “My name Lil Baby.”

He also tried to justify his need for tinted windows.

“You gotta have tints in Atlanta,” he said. “These folks crazy. I’ll talk a ticket [rather] than somebody follow me home.”

Watch the bodycam footage below.

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