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Tokyo Toni Responds After Getting Dragged For Crude Antics With The Game On New Podcast 

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Tokyo Toni is getting dragged online after flashing The Game during the debut episode of her podcast after he boasted about being intimate with her daughter, Blac Chyna.  

Introducing him on the show, Tokyo Toni called him “The Game, with the good big dick,” and claimed he “f##### my daughter.” When The Game shared details of his alleged encounter with Blac Chyna, Tokyo spread her legs, flashing the rapper.  

Her antics didn’t go down well with social media users who blasted Tokyo Toni, claiming she embarrassed her daughter.  

However, the social media personality brushed off criticism, insulting and accusing her critics of being jealous.  

She took to Instagram on Monday morning (July 9), describing herself as “TV gold” and blaming The Game for bringing up Blac Chyna.  

“Let me break something down,” she began. “B#### it’s TV. I’m a whole married b####,” she added, insisting she and husband Marcellus Hunter laughed while watching the show.  

“Make me understand why these jealous ass no-body b###### love to be so invested in me. B#### stay invested,” she added. 

Tokyo Toni shifted the attention back to The Game, referencing unconfirmed rumors he’s having another child. 

“That man has a baby on the way,” she claimed. “Take notice when we asked him about his kids or woman, he did not mention it. Pay attention to that part. But he has a f###### new baby on the way. He ain’t just get her pregnant yesterday.” 

She also shared multiple posts responding to the backlash, including several insisting The Game didn’t see her privates. She also repeated her claims that The Game mentioned Blac Chyna. “DID SHE SAY SHE DID ANYTHING WIT THE CLOWN!!l No” he did !!” she wrote. 

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