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Andre 3000 Gives Sexyy Red Advice on Dealing with Criticism

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André 3000 has given Sexyy Red advice on how to utilize all of the negative criticism she is receiving from fans and music industry professionals alike.

On the upcoming episode of Uninterrupted exclusive series The Shop, set to debut on Thursday (July 11), LeBron James and Maverick Carter sit down with André 3000, Sexyy Red along with designer Jerry Lorenzo, actor Jiaoying Summers and professional BMX rider Nigel Sylvester.

In the previews released promoting the conversation, James details his thought process as a 17-year-old forecasted to best Michael Jordan’s legacy while Three Stacks has revealed he received a legendary tongue-lashing from Pimp C over his choice to alter the iconic production on UGK’s “Int’l Players Anthem (I Chose You).”

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However, one of the most popular teasers from the segment appears to be a heartwarming exchange between the Outkast member and his St. Louis rap counterpart. As Sexyy began venting her frustrations with the double standard she feels she is held to when considering her success, Andre 3000 offers the “U My Everything” rapper a silver lining to the dark clouds of negativity hanging overhead.

“They still don’t believe in me, so I just be like, I’m going to just show y’all,” Sexyy Red said.

“And like he said, they don’t be understanding. We really came from nothing. And then we be making a big achievements. That’s something for us. And then they just be like, you ain’t doing nothing. But for us it’s like, ain’t nobody doing this,” she added.

André 3000 interjected, “But use it as fuel,” Andre 3000 said.

“Fuel. Use it for fuel. Hater fuel man. It’s the best s###. It’s free energy,” he said.

As the continued, both expressed their comfortability playing the role of the underdog.

“I like when they talk about me I ain’t gone lie,” she said, to which he added, “S### free energy because that made me go, that made me go in.”

André concluded, “I love when somebody doubts you,” before Sexyy Red added, “Because I’m now finna show you something.”

“Yeah,” he exclaimed in agreement.

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Though it is more than likely filming occurred previously, Sexyy Red can certainly use André 3000’s advice more than ever now as critics continue to sound off on the data about her streams and sales. Sexyy Red is currently battling rumors that her upcoming tour is going to be canceled due to low ticket sales.

Check out the UGK clip above and watch the exchange between André 3000 and Sexyy Red below.

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