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Azealia Banks Called Out After Attending Donald Trump Rally 

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Azealia Banks has been a longtime Donald Trump supporter, and now she’s catching heat online after attending a rally in support of the 34-time convicted felon.  

The outspoken artist was spotted at the election rally in Doral, Florida, on Tuesday (July 9). Trump himself posted a photo of Banks among the crowd on his Instagram Story. 

Promotor Jake Inphamous shared a video from the rally claiming Donald Trump invited him and Azealia Banks. He also poked fun at Trump’s viral remarks from his Presidential debate with President Joe Biden earlier this month. 

“@realdonaldtrump invited @azealiabanksforever and I to talk about ‘Hispanic jobs,’” he captioned the video “He even posted us.” 

In the video, Jake asks Banks her thoughts on what Trump is saying at the rally but her response is cut short.  

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Banks posted the video on her Instagram Stories, writing, “Trump invited the gang.” 

However, her presence at the Trump rally didn’t go down well with fans on social media.  

“Azealia Banks is one of the biggest disappointments in music,” one disgruntled supporter shared. “All that Talent, and you’re AT A TRUMP RALLY! WHEN YOU SHOULD BE PUTTING OUT FANTASEA 2, or BUSINESS AND PLEASURE!!!!” 

“I draw the line at Azealia Banks attending a Trump event. Girl good bye,” another added. 

“Azealia Banks taking a check to perform @ Q######## in San Francisco during Pride month only to show up @ a Trump rally in Miami 2 weeks later is the reason why she will always be a f###### joke,” wrote a third person. 

Others accused her of grifting and claimed she needed the money following recent reports of her alleged eviction. Check out some other responses below.  

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