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Are Beanie Sigel & The D.O.C. Using A.I. To Collaborate On Music?

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Are Beanie Sigel & The D.O.C. Using A.I. To Collaborate On Music?

Beanie Sigel and The D.O.C. might be teaming up for a collaboration! You heard it here first! As you may know, both artists have suffered severe damage to their vocal cords due to tragic events. Beanie Sigel lost lung function after being shot, while The D.O.C.’s vocal cords were crushed in a notorious car crash. Despite these challenges, they remain our beloved brothers in classic Hip-Hop.

I am so excited that these two icons might be working together. AllHipHop has recently interviewed with both artists! This includes a chat with Beanie Sigel, Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and DJ Thoro, giving a pathway for a real collaboration. Could this be the hook they need to stand out in an oversaturated market?

While both of these titans are still lyrically sharp and capable of delivering quality verses, the true hope the industry, fans, and culture get to bear witness to these big “what ifs” of Hip-Hop. This potential project could showcase the best uses of artificial intelligence in music, far from the misuse and gimmicks we’ve seen elsewhere. Here’s to seeing their vision come to life!

Check out the chat below.

Here are the interviews with the legends.

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