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Is 2 Chainz Son Halo Going To Get Signature Shoe?

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Is 2 Chainz Son Halo Going To Get Signature Shoe?

2 Chainz must have been was extremely serious when he named his fifth studio album Rap Or Go To The League based on his aspirations for his son Halo.

On the heels of sharing his son’s enterprising, entrepreneurial elementary school hustle, which saw his boy and his younger brother selling acorns to fellow students, 2 Chains has revealed his belief that halo is ready for yet another business pursuit. In an Instagram post he shared of Halo’s youth basketball highlights, 2 Chainz repurposed the mixtape into a Nike “Just Do It” commercial, seemingly illustrating his poise and readiness to take his craft to the next level.

“Yo-Yo-Yo Halo I want you to listen up,” 2 Chainz said in part in his voiceover of the makeshift commercial.

“Check this out, today we are just talking about Basketball. We’re talking about overall commitment dedication and the mentality you need to get to the next level. You gotta have that beast in you. And I know you got it in you because I put it in you,” he added.

2 Chainz continued In the caption of the post, essentially putting the writing on the wall for Halo to monetize his name and likeness.

“I know Halo is confident talented and mature enough to have his own signature shoe,” 2 Chainz started off in the caption. He added, “I also believe he is goin to the league because he believes it ‼️ that’s all ‼️ and oh yeh who do you think should take the chance and give Halo his own shoes ?? Tag em.”

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Considering LeBron James served as an executive producer on Rap Or Go To The League and has delivered 21 iterations of his own signature shoe with Nike, the possibility of Halo’s signature shoe feels realistically within reach. We can only hope that Halo’s signature shoe doesn’t turn out how the Ball brother’s original Big Baller Brand signature shoes did prior to Lonzo Ball being ousted from the Los Angeles Lakers.

Check out some of Halo’s hoop highlights above.

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