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Bankroll Freddie Found Guilty In Federal Drug Ring & Gun Bust, Acquitted Of Some Serious Charges

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Bankroll Freddie Found Guilty In Federal Drug Ring & Gun Bust, Acquitted Of Some Serious Charges

Bankroll Freddie faced a federal court in Arkansas, where he was found guilty of multiple charges, including possession and distribution of marijuana and controlled substances. 

There was some good news – the rapper was acquitted of several serious charges. 

The conviction is part of an extensive federal crackdown on gun and drug crimes in Arkansas, which initially ensnared the rapper in 2022. 

The charges stemmed from an extensive investigation into drug and firearms trafficking across the state, linking Freddie to illicit activities.

The federal operation revealed connections between several individuals, including Bankroll Freddie, whose real name is Freddie Gladney III, to a large-scale drug distribution network. 

Alongside the drug charges, the indictment also covered the possession of multiple firearms, which were allegedly used to advance their drug trafficking operations. 

For Freddie, this verdict marks a considerable downturn in his career and life, contrasting sharply with his public persona as a rising Hip-Hop star.

The federal investigations pinpointed two primary gangs, namely Every Body Killas and Loady Murder Mobb, suggesting these groups were integral to the narcotics distribution in the area. 

The FBI reported that Freddie’s involvement was personal and familial, involving his father, Freddie Gladney Jr., and several siblings. 

The conversations intercepted through wiretaps indicated a structured drug dealing operation managed by Freddie’s father, engaging his children in various roles within the trafficking enterprise.

Now, Bankroll Freddie faces prison time, reflecting the severity of the charges, which include multiple counts of drug possession with intent to distribute and firearms offenses. 

Freddie is an artist signed to Quality Control Music, where his career saw a promising start. He was discovered by QC’s boss, Pierre “CEO P” Thomas, through an Instagram freestyle. 

Despite these high-profile affiliations, his future in music now hangs in the balance as he deals with the repercussions of his involvement in criminal activities.

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