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DJs Marc Smooth & Cosi Victorious In Intellectual Property Rights Federal Trademark Battle

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DJs Marc Smooth & Cosi Victorious In Intellectual Property Rights Federal Trademark Battle

Legendary New York City DJs Cosi and Marc Smooth, responsible for The Freedom Collective, have led the charge in winning a major triumph for artistic freedom and intellectual property rights.

News of a federal court ruling recently emerged favoring DJs Cosi and Marc Smooth in their protracted trademark dispute. The ruling safeguards the duo’s use of their esteemed music collective, “The Freedom Party,” against claims of ownership by others. DJs Cosi and Marc Smooth expressed their elation and gratitude in a statement following the court’s decision.

“The NYC club music scene has long been a hotbed of innovation and cultural influence, yet Black and Brown creators have frequently faced undervaluation and exploitation. Countless instances of appropriation have undermined the power and legacy of our artistry,” the duo stated.

The victory, they continued, marks a pivotal moment for the music community, affirming the importance of protecting intellectual property rights and combating cultural appropriation.

“Today, we are thrilled to announce that we’ve won our landmark ‘Freedom Party’ federal trademarking case, canceling our former partner’s previous registration,” they declared.

The decision, delivered by an administrative judge in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) – Trademark Trial and Appeals Board, sets a precedent for safeguarding creative ownership in an industry often rife with challenges.

“This decision flips the script and is a resounding win for artists and music collectives everywhere,” remarked DJs Cosi and Marc Smooth.

At the heart of the dispute was Herbert Holler’s claim to sole usage and ownership of the Collective’s trademark and brand for his financial gain. However, through rigorous legal proceedings, the duo highlighted the importance of preserving artists’ creative integrity and ownership.

“We demonstrated unwavering resolve in protecting our intellectual property rights against appropriation and misuse,” they emphasized.

The victory holds significance not only for DJs Cosi and Marc Smooth but also for independent Black and Brown music collectives facing similar threats to their intellectual property.

“This win is especially significant for independent Black and Brown music collectives, which often operate with limited resources and face these threats in their partnerships,” noted the duo. “This decision will empower them to assert their ownership confidently and navigate the legal landscape more effectively.”

Acknowledging the support they received throughout the ordeal, DJs Cosi and Marc Smooth expressed gratitude to their loved ones, DJ colleagues, supporters, and the NYC Dope and Freedom Party family. They also thanked the legal team from the law offices of ArentFox Schiff for their dedication and hard work.

“This win is a testament to Black and Brown artists’ unwavering spirit and resilience,” DJs Cosi and Marc Smooth affirmed. “It’s also a win for artistic integrity, cultural heritage, and the future of Black and Brown music and businesses.”

The victory not only secures the rights of DJs Cosi and Marc Smooth but also sends a clear message about the importance of protecting artistic freedom and intellectual property rights in the music industry.

Check out the video of DJ Cori and Marc Smooth djing “The Freedom Party” with special guest Q-Tip in 2012 above.

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