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Jeezy Dragged On Social Media Over Alleged Home Security Footage With AK-47

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Jeezy Dragged On Social Media Over Alleged Home Security Footage With AK-47

Jeezy is currently dealing with an onslaught of allegations following the recent domestic claims from his ex-wife, Jeannie Mai.

On April 25, Jeezy denied domestic violence allegations in a statement released on his personal Instagram account after leaked court docs revealed Mai is claiming physical abuse. Jeezy described the allegations as “not only false but also deeply disturbing,” in his response.

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Despite Jeezy’s attempt at maintaining his innocence, social media got a hold of the report and essentially sensationalized the alleged gruesome details. As a result, countless narratives began spiraling online as fans attempted to speculate the validity of claims in addition to rehashing Jeezy’s past of unconfirmed criminal activity. One theory on Twitter (X) appeared to accuse Jeezy of parading around his home on a regular basis with a semi-automatic rifle, otherwise known as an AK-47.

“Why was Jeezy walking around the house with an AK on a regular basis and leaving ammo around the home. He need to stay single if his mental health is in shambles,” the Twitter (X) user wrote in the tweet featuring a screenshot of CCTV home security footage.

Though it’s completely unconfirmed, whether Jeezy is actually the individual photographed in the security footage, the tweet still attracted nearly eight million users and caused a divide.

”Are y’all aware of what he used to do before being a rapper,” one user wrote in the thread of the post while another countered, “That’s not Jeezy nor is that an AK, y’all just be saying anything on here [Crying laughing emoji].”

Again, though it’s yet to be determined if this photo has any sort of validity to the claim, it’s very telling of the battle Jeezy may have ahead of him concerning his image within the court of public opinion as divorce proceedings loom.

Peep the craziness above.

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