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Jeezy Stayed Strapped, Jeannie Mai Claims Toddler Found Rapper’s Guns

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Jeezy Stayed Strapped, Jeannie Mai Claims Toddler Found Rapper's Guns

Rapper Jeezy has found himself entangled in a serious legal and personal dispute as his estranged wife, Jeannie Mai, accused him of negligently leaving his AK-47 assault rifle unsecured in their home.

Jeannie Mai says Jeezy endangered their 2-year-old daughter, Monaco, in Los Angeles and Atlanta. 

Mai’s allegations emerged within a contentious divorce and custody battle, heightening the concerns about their daughter’s safety. 

According to the latest court documents, Mai claimed that Jeezy habitually carried the AK-47 around the house and often left it, along with other firearms and ammunition, in accessible places like kitchen counters and dining tables. 

These alleged actions posed a general danger and endangered their toddler, who could have easily accessed such hazardous items.

Jeannie Mai substantiated her claims by providing the court with photos from their home’s security footage, showing the firearm placed carelessly next to a bed where their daughter could reach it. 

In a distressing recount, Jeannie Mai mentioned that Monaco once found the rifle, an incident that could have had fatal consequences.

Jeezy previously denied all of Mai’s claims against him, which included physical abuse. 

In his formal response, he described the allegations as “deeply disturbing,” framing them as a “malicious attempt to tarnish my character and disrupt my family.” 

He emphasized his dedication to his family and expressed concern over the potential damage to his relationships and reputation from the allegations.

The allegations and the ongoing dispute are set against the backdrop of a divorce filing by the couple in September 2023. 

Initially, Jeezy sought primary custody of Monaco, citing Mai’s extensive travel and its negative impact on their child. 

However, he later modified his custody request to seek joint custody, highlighting his desire to share parenting responsibilities equally.

Jeezy is facing scrutiny after Jeannie Mai claimed he left his assault rifles laying around their house as their heated custody battle escalates.

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