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Coi Leray Blames Record Labels For Starting Female Hip-Hop Beef

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Coi Leray has had much to say about the music industry recently. One of her latest social media posts suggested record companies fuel animosity among female rap stars.

“[I don’t know,] if you ask me it [seems] like these labels are behind the female controversy. They see it helps push the music, I wouldn’t be surprised if they the ones behind the fan pages,” Coi Leray tweeted.

In addition, Leray wrote, “Most of these female rappers not even from the same places!!!! Not from the same hoods… why are we beefing? Do female pop stars have just as much beef as the female rappers? I’m curious.”

Coi Leray found herself going back and forth with Latto in 2023. The “Players” hitmaker took issue with Latto name-dropping her on the “Put It on da Floor” single.

“It’s starting to get old. The rap beefs are for the guys. You know, I don’t even think they should do it,” Coi Leray stated in a 2023 interview, following her public tension with Latto. 

Leray also said, “Us artists, we kind of control the narrative. So if we just spend more time pushing that narrative we won’t give these headlines and these blogs no reason to go ahead and push this negative narrative. That’s something we got to come together on.”

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