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Ice Spice Accused Of Colorism By Alleged Ex-Best Friend

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Ice Spice is facing allegations of colorism by a Twitter (X) user claiming to be her ex-best friend.

The user, whose handle is @babystorme_ Offered a series of tweets in which she detailed how I spice allegedly repressed her career in addition to aligned herself with other individuals of color in order to make herself more identifiable to the black community.

One of the main claims the user made was based on her theory that I spice positioned a woman to be her best friend within the public eye when in reality she was Frenemies with the woman, who allegedly served as her replacement.

“This is Cleo. the girl she chose to be her ‘best friend to the public.’ when in reality, it was me behind the scenes. Cleo & her are not really best friends. Isis has always hated Cleo. But she used her so she could appear “closer to blackness.” she also lied about being Nigerian. she stole that from me,” Baby Storme wrote in the tweet.

Another bombshell tweet, Baby Storme accused, Ice Spice of allegedly cheating on her boyfriend and Producer in 2022 with Lil Tjay, who previously gifted her a six-figure watch though he maintained they were just friends.

“EJ, ‘Riot’ is her producer and boyfriend since 2019. he was the real mastermind behind her career & the one who pushed her to rap. she cheated on him with Tjay & then rapped about it on their song together. if you don’t believe me, just go back & read the lyrics to ‘Gansta boo.’ but this time, read carefully. they were talking about him. she knows no loyalty. not even to the only person who has always been there for her. Riot,” she wrote in the tweet.

In a string of several tweets, she went onto accuse Ice Spice of fat shaming and being colorist and even referring to dark skinned people of color and Black people as the “Shea Butter Community.”

Several users accused Baby Storme of manufacturing drama as a publicity stunt to promote her upcoming release. It’s also worth noting that she was also posting conspiracy theories about the origins of LATTO’S career in addition to making bold claims about several other artists on via her account. Y’all think think the “Fart (Think You The S##t)” rapper is going to reply? Or is this just a whole bunch of madness?

Check out tweets from the thread above.

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