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Stunna Girl Threatens To Sue Fan Beat Up At Concert For Touching Her Inappropriately  

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Stunna Girl was performing in Syracuse, New York over the weekend when the concert turned into chaos after a male fan grabbed her backside from the audience. 

Footage from the concert shows the overzealous fan slapping her behind as she passes by him. Stunna Girl doesn’t acknowledge the man but whispers something to her husband Rich Mula500 who was on stage with her.  

Rich immediately jumps offstage to confront the man and they begin a heated convo with foreheads pressed together. A larger man, presumably security becomes involved, grabs the fan by the neck, pushes him to the ground and blows begin flying. 

Another person appears to get involved before Stunna Girl herself gets a few kicks in as the fan lies on the floor curled up in a ball. “Don’t touch me b####,” the Baddies star says into the microphone before being ushered back onstage. The mele continues as the fan throws chairs and the DJ orders everybody offstage.  

On Sunday night (April 28) Stunna Girl threatened to sue the fan for sexual assault. During an Instagram Live chat, she explained that the fan denied touching her inappropriately when confronted by Rich Mula.  

It’s clear that you do not know the law,” she said before adding, “You’re literally about to be wrapped up for sexual assault.” 

She continued, “He said he was suing me. But it’s like, you wanna play that route? You don’t even know who you talking to right now. I’m not the shorty to play with. He said he was suing me, he called the police. Then he went on the internet and said he was gonna shoot me, said he was gone kill us.” 

However, according to Stunna Girl, while she hasn’t filed a police report, she is considering legal action.  

“I don’t tell police, I have lawyers that will wash you, literally, dry,’ she added. “I will have your future kids standing outside 7-Eleven panhandling.” 

She also mocked the fan on her instagram Story, posting multiple memes and screenshots of the altercation.

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