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Ashanti Teases Nelly For Roasting Her Over Pregnancy Weight

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Ashanti and Nelly gave fans a taste of their sense of humor in a series of Instagram Stories posts. The jokes started when Nelly posted a photo of a pregnant Ashanti sitting on his knee.


Ashanti responded, “Lmaoooooo!!!! Babe!!!! Ima knock u out!!!!!!”

Nelly insisted he did nothing wrong.

“What my love..???” he wrote. “I didn’t say anything..!! To Me you still the same size you were in 2005..!!”

Ashanti fired back, “Lmfaoooooooo!!!! Lemme go pull out these bikini shots from 05!!!”

Earlier this month, Ashanti confirmed pregnancy rumors in an advertisement for Proov. She also revealed her engagement to Nelly.

“This new year of my life is such a blessing full of love, hope and anticipation,” she told Essence. “Motherhood is something that I have looked forward to and sharing this with my family, fiancé and loyal fans, who have been so supportive of my career, is an amazing experience.”

Ashanti and Nelly began dating in the 2000s. They reportedly broke up around 2013. The two reunited in 2023.

“I think it surprised both of us,” Nelly said in a 2023 interview. “It wasn’t anything that was planned. I think we both was pretty much doing what we do. But sometimes being separate, you understand one another more.”

Ashanti is expecting her first child. The baby will be Nelly’s fifth kid.

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