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Chris Brown Refuses To Name Rapper in Cringeworthy Story But Clues Suggest Kanye West 

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Chris Brown recently shared a cringe-worthy story about an unnamed rapper that has fans pointing at Kanye West. 

During a recent episode of R&B Money Podcast Brown recalled a “funny and/or f##### up” tale about a vibe-killing artist during a segment called “I Ain’t Saying No Names.”  

Brown told a story about inviting a “huge artist” to the club without identifying the star. The pair were out on “turn-up night” when an artist with the number one song in the country would be performing.  

“We get in the club, I make sure we got the whole section full of women. The person there, he looking around. The song come on, the other artist is onstage, starts singing the song, the whole building erupt. I’m talking about it erupts. Everybody. Girls in our section, they going crazy,” Brown explained. “I look over to this person…not a smirk, not a head nod. Nothing.”  

Brown said the next time he turned around, the mystery artist was nowhere to be found 

“I look up, the n#### is on the DJ booth right next to the artist that’s doing the song, and he just like this,” Brown said, nodding his head before explaining he presumed the artist wanted to perform.  

“I’m like, ‘OK, he got the itch.’ Some artists can’t take it, you know, they self centered though, they got main character syndrome,” he added.  

However, to his horror, his guest transformed the club into “the waiting room in hell” and all the partygoers into psychopaths.  

“The n#### goes on a 45-minute rant,” he revealed. “I’m talking about saying all of everything about nothing. It’s so disappointing.”  

Brown hid in a room downstairs, objecting to “the topic” of the rant before returning about 30 minutes later.  

“The last thing I hear, ‘Such and such ain’t stick their finger in my booty. I don’t even play that way,’” said Brown, explaining that he chastised a mutual friend for being a yes man before leaving. “And I left the club. I ain’t answer no phone calls. I’m going home.” 

Despite refusing to reveal the artist, Chris Brown left enough clues for fans to piece together with many sharing footage of a Kanye West rant that fit the description. 

In 2016, Kanye West attended Yo Gotti’s The Art of Hustle album release party where the CMG boss also celebrated the lead single “Down in the DM” topping the charts.  

West took the mic to deny allegations from his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose. “She never stick no fingers in my ass,” Kanye screamed, as seen in a fan-shot Instagram. “I don’t play like that.” 

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