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Does NBA YoungBoy Have A Baby With His Cousin?

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Yo, let’s clear the air real quick! There’s been this wild rumor swirling around the internet that NBA YoungBoy had a baby with his cousin. But nah, that’s not it. This whole mix-up kicked off after a video popped up online, claiming it was a joke. Even though Lapattra La’shai Jacobs may bear a resemblance to YoungBoy, it ain’t like that. They are not related.

The chatter came back – because it ain’t new – with extra fuel when a tweet suggesting this odd family tie blew up. The tweet had over 36,000 retweets! I am not including it to add more misinformation. Add to that a YouTube video hinting the same, racking up over 170,000 views, and you see why folks started believing this tale. But, let’s set it straight — it’s all a big misunderstanding. He has other issues!

This all started over a some old stuff regarding Yaya Mayweather, daughter of Floyd. Back in 2020, Yaya pleaded guilty to stabbing Lapattra. Yaya copped to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and admitted to causing bodily injury. Yaya was looking at a 20-year prison sentence. Anyway, if you want more, google it. I mostly came here to let you know dude does not have a baby with his dang cousin!

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