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Mary J.  Blige Reveals Her Retirement Schedule 

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Mary J. Blige is reflecting on her career following her induction into the 2024 class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

With an illustrious music career spanning four-decades the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul is eyeing up other ventures with a plan to eventually retire. However, Blige won’t be hanging up her microphone any time soon and intends to keep churning out the hits for some years to come.  

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In the meantime, Blige wants to focus her sights on acting following roles in movies like 2017’s Mudbound. She’s also featured in multiple television productions included as Monet Stewart Tejada in 50 Cent’s Power Book II: Ghost

The nine-time Grammy Award winner opened up about her future plans during an interview with Extra’s Carlos Greer 

“Right now, I’m definitely gonna do some more acting and I’m definitely gonna retire in, like, five or six years,” she explained. “Right now, I’m still doing what I’m doing but not as often as I was doing it because I don’t have to now.” 

As well as her plans to retire, Mary J. Blige also discussed the glow she’s currently exuding, explaining it has nothing to do with the new man in her life and everything to do with self-acceptance. 

“The glow is the love for Mary J. Blige. I find my real love. And my real love is me and I found it,” she added. 

Accordingly, Blige’s present state of self-love reflects in her music. “Mary is singing about life. Life… love… being stable and understanding you can have things like love. You can have a good life,” she added. 

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